Goodwood’s property is unique.  Some people visiting the gardens might say they look unkempt, but actually they have been restored to capture much of their early 20th century design and presentation. Goodwood garden staff and volunteers dedicate their work to preservation of the gardens by using only heirloom plant material that was available in North Florida at the turn of the 20th century. Significant horticultural features of the property include an extensive collection of Old Garden Roses, heirloom bulbs, large Sago Palms, centuries old live oak trees and magnolias. Much of the charm of Goodwood resides in the picturesque, relaxed, informal and un-manicured presentation of the grounds

There is much flowering beauty to see in the garden throughout the year. While there is variation in our bloom seasons, guests can expect to see Camellias in bloom from late November through March, Bulbs from late December through February, Ornamental Magnolias in January/February, Ash Magnolias in March, Azaleas in March/April, Roses (best blooming) March through May, and Southern Magnolia in June...

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Our Gardens are open from 9am - 5pm weekdays Monday - Friday and on Saturday from 10am - 2pm. Admission is FREE!

This Index is prepared so as to preserve for identification, as near as possible, the arrangement of the plantings ...AT “Goodwood”...that people interested may be able to trace with some degree of certaintity the plantings as they were in 1926...

Senator William C. Hodges, 1927
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